Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Water stories from Germany

The Speaking Water Drop

Once upon a time, there was a little girl that didn’t like to take a bath, even if it was so dirty.
“In you go into the bathtub”, scolded it’s Mum. You can imagine who the little girl was: it was me.
“No, no, and again no”, I shouted back and locked myself up in my room.
Being there all alone, I noticed a smell all around me, when suddenly two eyes out of a green face stared at me. It was a little dragon wrinkling its nose.
“You have to take a bath?” “Yes”, I answered, trembling. “My name is Olchi, and what is your name?”, it asked in a friendly voice. “I’m Paula.”
“Do you know what? Just go into the bathroom and start running a bath!” Paula went into the bathroom, plugged in the tub and turned on the tap.
When the first water drops came out, a speaking chorus was heard: “Don’t take a bath, don’t take a bath!”  Paula couldn’t believe her ears, first the little speaking dragon, now the water drops.
While the bath was running, again she listened to the voices: “Don’t take a bath, don’t take a bath!”, they shouted when one single drop of water just jumped powerless upon Paula’s hand.
 It cheeped quietly: “If you take a bath it needs too much water, just take a shower, o.k.? You can help protecting our planet!”
I answered: „If this is the case, I prefer to take a shower!”
When I had finished, I went into the living room, to say “Good Night” to my Mum. She was so astonished when she saw me pretty and good smelling.
 “Good girl you are, and you see, it isn’t so bad taking a bath anyway! “, she said to me.
If only she knew ……

The little Water Drop
Once upon a time, there was a tiny little drop of water, that lived at the beach and that liked the waves very much. One stormy day, when the sea was really rough, the little water drop became very scared and blacked out.
The next day, when it awoke, it found himself in the middle of the open wide sea. What should he do now?
He came to know the beautiful underwater world; he met fish in bright shining colors and shapes, so that he forgot about his home at the beach and swam with the new friends in the sea.
He felt strong and happy with all the other water drops around him in the big ocean.
Then they discovered a huge oil spill on the surface of the water…
“Danger! Danger! An oil tanker has lost a lot of oil, we must save the fish! They are all in big danger!!”
All the drops of water set up a big team and built the shape of a huge wave, so they could help the fish to drift into a cleaner territory of the sea. They were all saved at last!!
Now the water drops were really tired and they had a rest.
After they had evaporated, they all reached the sky.
There it was very cozy and as the little drop of water had been working so hard, it fell in a nice deep sleep at once.

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