Friday, 18 July 2014

Try to create an machine who moves forward France

It was creating machines which advance with a natural energy: water, air, wind, solar ...

Pupils have looked for the good materials, the good form, the good energy... lt was a long work and  a good one !! 
What is the best way for the good propulsion ? 
Pupils were very excited, and research was at school and sometimes at home : they can't stop to think about the machine after the school !! 
propulsion with the wind


propulsion with an elastic

propulsion with gas aspirin

propulsion with gas aspirin

In june, we  have organized a challenge : which machine can move forward alone, and which machine can move during 5 meters ? 
It was so difficult to measure for the aircraft.... and the machine from preschool pupils can't move alone. 
It was a good job for all pupils ! 

Tries of the preschool pupils :

The performance of the others : Congratulations ! 


with the solar energy : the pupil took a solar collector to power a battery. Then just turn the switch to turn the wheels. He created the vehicle. Congratulations!

OUTDOOR LEARNING in FRANCE : find the Romans vestiges in the sand.

Pupils grade 3 and 4 were in the site Gallo Roman "Mané Véchen" , in a villa.

It's a special animation for the pupils : they can look for and find some vestiges in the sand. 

For information : Marine Villa Mane-Vechen, built at the end of the second century after Christ, dominates the Etel River (very near from Belz).
Property of a rich notable, this large villa marina is arranged around a large central courtyard. 
It has many environmental areas, reception rooms decorated with paintings and service areas.
Started in 2000, archaeological excavations have revealed the remains remarkably well preserved and a rich furnishings. 
The items are varied fragments of ceramics, iron tools, bronze ornaments, bones, coins, but also an exceptional sculpture Ariadne and Dionysus.

OUTDOOR LEARNING in FRANCE : use the trees for the pleasure

Pupils grade 3 and 4 used the trees for the pleasure ! On the "top" , it's a good method to observe the trees... 
It's also a method to excel yourself ! 

OUTDOOR LEARNING in FRANCE : observe the environment to know where you are !

pupils grade 2 : the teacher had a  a game (a treasure hunt) : pupils had to find the monuments they had pictured and they had to answer questions about these monuments.
They were in the center of the town Belz.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

OUTDOOR LEARNING in FRANCE : the water supply in 19 century

For the pupils of grade 1 : observation and reproduction of a monument in the landscape 
(source of water used in the 19 century)

Pupils have studied how to supply water in the 19th century: there were no taps, it was fetching water away from the houses. Habits have changed now.


The exhibition of the work on the project was at the City Hall 
from June 5 to June 15, 2014.