Monday, 11 November 2013

Essays frm Poland

Nature protection

Nature is needed for life and functioning of all organisms.
People eat vegetables and fruit which come from nature.
It is also necessary to produce for example paper.
Nature is also necessary for us to live every day. Plants produce oxygen which we couldn't live without.
Nature, we can't denny, is very useful and changes a lot in our world.

Marcelina, Marysia, Gabrysia, age 11

How to save energy

We use energy every day. We use different kinds of energy and we use it too often.
So we must save it!
Firstly, natural resources of energy will end up in the future. For example: gas, coal, water, wind, oil.
Secondly, using too much energy causes pollution of air, water, soil...
And thethird argument is that too much energy costs a lot!
REmember them!
Using too much energy isn't beneficial for the environment, animals and us!
Maciej, age 11

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