Monday, 18 November 2013

French stories

     Once upon a time a little girl named Liana was taking a walk in the forest. She was an orphan and lived in the wild.
One day some polluters came littering in the water. Liane was hiding behind a leave and saw the whole scene from a distance.
A little cat said, "we have to find a solution and I have one : I have a friend who can help us."
The little girl bowed her head and said "why not? ". The cat went to get his friend the rabbit.
"Rabbit , is the cat your friend ? " Liane asked ," Yes , of course, " said the rabbit .
The rabbit said, " I have an idea. I 'm going to get my friend the horse"
- " And what will he do? " Liane said .
- " Uh ... oh yeah ! he will crush the polluters, he will go to get the police and the polluters will go to jail . "
The problem solved, friends proposed to Liane if she would like to live in the burrow.

"Yes ," said Liane . And at night, the friends had a party.


The clean dragon

     Once upon a time there was a dragon named Clarence who was very clean and used too much water. He lived above the volcano. One day, another dragon said to him : "you use all the hot water and I have nothing left ." So Clarence decided to wash once a day. They both lived happily above the volcano.

      Once upon a time a rabbit lived near a lake. One day, an ogre came to the lake. He had products in his hands and put them in the water. The ogre polluted the water with his products : detergent and washing powder. The rabbit cleaned water through a machine given by a magician friend, a monkey.
The monkey cursed the ogre to punish him and sent him very very far.

Once upon a time there was a griffin who was polluting the nature. He put the garbage in the water.  All the animals were dissatisfied. One day they called their friend Kolos the giant. Kolos  came and beat the griffin who left for another country.
Kolos brought a vacuum cleaner and sucked all the garbage. Everyone congratulated him.

Once upon a time a magical fish lived in the Pacific Ocean. He had golden scales and he loved jumping out of the water. But one day the water began to turn yellow-brown.  Quickly the fish used his magical powers to breathe at the surface.
He saw a Mermaid and her friend the Unicorn. The Mermaid,  the Unicorn and the fish  knew that only the griffin dared pollute the water. With his magic, the magical fish cleaned the water.
While the Mermaid and the Unicorn attracted the Griffin near a tree on the shore, the fish took a big stick and jumped out of the water to hit  and knock Griffin. 
Then they burnt him and they lived happily until the end of their life.

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