Friday, 15 November 2013

The Finnish Stories

Water story
Once upon a time there was a creature whose name was Waterdrop. It went jogging in the morning. It went to the water plant. It looked at the water and the water was dirty! Waterdrop said to the manager that the water is dirty. The manager came to see the water and it was truly dirty. The manager promised to clean the water. And Waterdrop became happy. It went home.
Aleksi, class 2
Translated by the class 6

One day children´s schoolday ended. Jami walked home. He walked by the lake. Jami had a wrapping of a sweet in his hand. He threw it to the lake. When Jami got home his sister was going to swim in the lake. When she came home she asked Jami: “Do you know, who has thrown rubbish on the shore?” Jami said: “I don´t know.” When the children were eating in the evening Jami said he was guilty.
Paula, class 2
Translated by the teacher

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