Sunday, 26 May 2013

Meeting in Poland/May 2013

May 22, 2013 - OPENNING
Teachers from Finland, France, Iceland, Germany & Spain come to our Henryk Sienkiewicz Primary School in Stare Babice.
The welcome dinner in our school.
The children present an English drama show.

Our guests watch children's performaces.
Finland presents its school and country.

Iceland brings some lava chocolate bars.

Germany is proud of its Europe-oriented school.

Spain boasts its champion football teams.

Comenius discussions are held in our school library.

Time for refreshments.

The tour around our school.

The teachers go to see Warsaw, the capital of Poland,and learn some facts about its history.

The Wilanów Palace.

A stroll around the palace.

In spite of the weather, all teachers walk around the lake.

The Stare Babice School Family Picnic - our visitors experience the meeting of our pupils, teachers and parents.

The children wear costumes from Silesia, a region in the south-west of Poland. They dance a typical dance from this region.

The girls wear costumes of highlanders in the south of Poland.

Dances from the central Poland.

The children of class 1a sing a folk song.

The guest teachers try Polish regional dishes.

The visitors in front of our school.


The last day the visit in the forest.

The farewell bonfire.



  1. Guests from diffrent countries in our school.

  2. Drama club performed on a scene for our students, teachers and guests from other countries. Class 6a danced dance from Poland in XVIII century.

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  4. Drama club performed two etiudes. The first etiude was plannet, but second etiude was improvisated.

  5. In the family picnic (25.05), teachers, students and guests from other countries can could try traditional, regional Polish food.